Shopping experience in Hoi An ancient town

Shopping experience in Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An is popular among locals and tourists as a shopping destination. It offers a wide range of high quality yet affordable products and services such as suits, shirts, custom-made dresses and tailoring. Here are a list of things you can buy while visiting the ancient town of Hoi An.

Hoi An lantern

Hoi An lanterns, a traditional culture in ancient town, have a variety of colors that reflect the sophistication and talent of Vietnamese workers. Lanterns in Hoi An are durable, inexpensive, light and can be folded making it popular among tourists to buy as a gift or souvenir. You can get lanterns in the shops on Tran Phu street such as Ngoc Thu and Ngoc Thu lanterns and other shops on Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Thai Hoc.

Prices are subject to size, color, shape of the lantern.

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Shoes in Hoi An are rich in designs and plenty to choose from. You can find clogs, shoes, sandals and luxury footwears. The sellers here are very passionate and hospitable so you will definitely be satisfied with your shoe shopping experience. Notable shops in Hoi An are: Funky Shoes Shop at 38 Bach Dang Street, Cam Tu Shoes Shop at 8 Hoang Van Thu Street. You can also purchase nice looking, comfortable slippers in the area. Slippers are sold in the streets and markets of Hoi An.

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Skirts and dresses

Hoi An’s garment industry is well-developed, including a “quick” service to meet the demand of tourists but still ensure the quality and aesthetics of the dress. The fabric here is beautiful; they look sophisticated and thoughtful. Hoi An visitors love to get their clothes tailored in Vietnam. Minh An ward – area I of the ancient city, is home to 57 cloth shops and tailoring services such as Thu Thuy, Yaly, Phuong Huy, Thang Loi, A Dong Silk, Dong A, Bao Khanh, Gia Hung, Hanh Hung and Cam Nhan. 

Tailoring in Vietnam follows a standard process: the customer will shop for a fabric, pick a design, then the tailor will take the measurements and customer will have to leave his/her hotel address.  The tailor will schedule an appointment for fitting and will make the necessary adjustments afterwards if needed.

Those who have been to Hoi An can agree that the clothes here are inexpensive and beautiful, not to mention, the service is fast. In just a few hours, the mechanic will sew the finished clothes for you. If you can’t stay long enough, just leave the measurements and address and the store will deliver the product to you.

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After shopping for lanterns, shoes, and clothes, don’t forget to include artworks in Hoi An to your list. Composed of a large number of artists, Hoi An provides a wide variety of beautiful paintings and photographs but prices vary and can sometimes reach up to millions. You can find paintings in Hoi An at the Galleries such as Le Gai, Ha Ly, Thon Viet, Kim Chi.

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After shopping in this ancient urban area do not forget to visit some souvenir shops such as Au Lac on Tran Phu Street, Ky Uc on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Popular among tourists are wooden sculptures, handbags, masks, bas-reliefs, Buddha statues or simply the To He’s grandmother sitting at the porch of the Bridge. Souvenirs are a nice way to make you remember all the wonderful experience you had while staying in Vietnam!

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