Important lessons for crossing the road in Vietnam

Important lessons for crossing the road in Vietnam

To get across the street in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you have to be brave, focused and a little bit reckless.

Caroline Morse, Travel Editor of SmartTravel , made a trip to Vietnam and recorded her great experiences, including the road trips in big cities:

“In cities like Hanoi or Saigon, where there are very few pedestrian lights, many people pass red lights and thousands of motorcycles go unchecked. The road in Vietnam is a scary but an unforgettable experience.

crossing the road in vietnam - busy street in Hanoi

Here are the lessons I have learned from the road in Vietnam:

1. Be brave : You can’t stop traffic, just like most opportunities in life will not stop for you. You will have to pursue what you want, whether on the road or finding a new job. Like the famous saying “Fortune favors the brave,” remember that every time you hesitate in fear.

2. Know when to seek help: On the way to the city, the tour guide would take us across the road. It can be embarrassing sometimes to ask for help but the truth is, we were able to get to the other side much faster than doing it all by ourselves.

crossing the road in vietnam - busy street in Hanoi

3. Just focus on your path: Ignore other distractions. Walk in a straight line, focus on the target and ignore the obstacles around you. Be predictable and you will notice that the traffic will flow around you. Don’t hesitate and change your mind midway!

4. Follow the locals and veterans: One of the best ways to walk across a busy street is to follow a local person, and walk beside them when they cross the street. You should do the same in life, find someone who is more experienced and follow them, whether it’s when you’re in the gym, on the road or in your career.

crossing the road in vietnam - busy street in Hanoi

5. Ignore those who complain: There will be people honking or even swearing, but ignore them and focus on what you are doing.”

And finally, celebrate when you get to the other side of the road in one piece! Crossing a road in Vietnam can be daunting at first but take the tips mentioned above and you will be good on your own in no time.


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